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Pilot your customized Space Racer into the vastness of outer space along challenging racing circuits at near light speed maneuvering your way through ever shifting fields of asteroids while fending off the attacks of unscrupulous opponents to be the first to cross the finish line! Do you have what it takes? Do you have the Right Stuff to be the next galactic Star Thrust Racer champion?

Nail Biting, Risk Taking Action!   

Even with heavy corporate sponsorship, only a lucky few are chosen to pilot state of art, space racers. Developed from utilitarian belt-mining support vehicles, space racers have become highly advanced vehicles that are faster, more maneuverable, more responsive, and far deadly than their belt-mining, space-buggy ancestors. This new class of space vehicles is purpose-built for racing, is extremely complex and expensive, and incorporates cutting-edge technology that never stops reaching for the stars to achieve the latest and best innovations possible. To fly these spacecraft a new breed of pilots has come into being, Star Thrust Racers. It takes a minimum of 12-years of belt-mining experience, or the equivalent military service, working as a pilot or co-pilot before a candidate can even contemplate putting their ass into the pilot's seat of a space racer. Only a handful of individuals possess the necessary skills, reflexes, and daring needed to be a Star Thrust Racer.