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Star Thrust Racers can be played using the PDF Space Racer game markers provided with the game rules, or can be played using 3D Spaceship models. There are many 3D miniatures on the marketplace that are ideal for use with Star Thrust Racers. Many of the best ready-made Sci-Fi miniatures are found at Shapeways.com. Many of these are beautifully designed with a good sci-fi feel and with the perfect physical dimensions for game play. Spaceship miniatures should be slightly longer than the hexes of the game board you are using for your games.
Scratch-building Space Racers is a viable option that is easy and can produce good-looking miniatures for your game and you can even printout great looking decals on a good laser printer.

Here is a list of Shapeways.com model designers we purchased Spaceship models from:
      Admiral Duck Sauce
      Arbron Imagineering
      Irrational Designs
      The Verses

Scratch-building Star Thrust Racers Space Racers isn't difficult. You don't need a lot of skill nor a lot of equipment. All you need is a sharp knive, scissors, and glue (model glue for plastic parts and white glue for paper and wood parts). What you really need are parts. Many useful parts can be found in thrift shops from various toys but many more parts can be found in dollar stores from inexpensive plastic toys, game components, pen caps, push pins, office supplies, and party supplies. Wooden beads found at Michaels Stores are very useful as are round, square, and flat toothpicks for fuel tanks as well as structural integrity supports, etc. Wooden dowels also work well as structural parts of Space Racers and Space Stations. Cardboard can be cut into pieces for armor plating, access panels, etc., as can cut up plain paper or confetti made from various sized hole punches. Flat or thin round pasta can be cut up to form straight cabling and panels, or just surface detailing. Once painted, no one will know what you used to scratch-build your Space Racer. In short, many parts can be found inexpensively from a number of common, easily obtainable sources.